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Health4life is a Concierge Medical Clinic. We specialize in caring for people who are focused on living a healthy life. Our Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder, Dr. Thomas Alfreda, is an Internal Medicine and Age Management Medicine Specialist. We manage and provide you concierge healthcare for all of your primary and internal medicine needs. Dr. Alfreda was recently awarded 'Best Medical Doctor of 2016' by the Review Journal! We offer all of our unique services in one location while providing exceptional service.


We offer Concierge Internal Medicine Services (common conditions to chronic diseases), Hormone Therapy for Men and Women, Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements, Weight Loss Programs, Professional Athlete Medical Services, Physician Supervised Personal Training and Concierge Telemedicine. Our state-of-the-art Telemedicine APP, Tik Tok Doc, allows you to be anywhere in America and 'Video Visit' with Dr. Alfreda or one of our Board Certified Medical Providers. We can diagnose your medical symptoms, treat common conditions, and electronically write a prescription if needed, all from the comfort of your own home, work, or on vacation without needing to visit a clinic. We understand how precious your time is and we are committed to providing excellent customer service and the highest quality medical care in the most efficient way possible.


We provide a proactive, preventative approach to healthcare for a patient population focused on living a healthy lifestyle. The basic tenants of Health4life are patient evaluation through an extensive understanding of your medical history, lifestyle assessment, physical examination, and laboratory evaluation to establish a personalized proactive treatment plan consisting of proper diet, exercise, stress management and appropriate medical interventions. 

Intermal Medicine

Hormone Optimization

Optimized Nutrition

ProActive Healthcare

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