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Health4life provides concierge healthcare for our patient’s primary, proactive, internal medicine, and specialized healthcare needs. We specialize in proactive medicine such as hormone balancing for Men and Women, weight loss to loose fat, increasing muscle mass and optimizing our patient’s overall health. We have an on-site pharmacy and we work with third party compounding pharmacies where we dispense prescribed medications directly to our established patients. Or, you can choose any pharmacy and we will send your prescription to them as well!

All medication is prescribed after our patients complete a comprehensive in-person evaluation and physical examination by Dr. Thomas Alfreda to thoroughly understand each patient’s medical history, lifestyle, goals, and laboratory/diagnostic results to establish a personalized, proactive treatment plan.

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We specialize in treating each individual patient, 'individually'! That means each 'treatment' plan should be tailored to fit your needs! We create a custom treatment plan to work towards achieving your goals. This can include prescribing a compounded medication, compounded peptide to achieve muscle/tendon repair, weight loss, muscle gain and overall well being! 

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