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We have been able to offer our patients ‘Lab Draws’ at both of our locations for no fee! Our phlebotomist can also travel to our patient’s homes to draw their labs. This is a great service and convenience to our patients compared to going to off-site Laboratories.

We are committed to continue to provide this service and will do everything we can to achieve this, but we need your help!

Starting in August 2022, we will begin to charge a ‘Lab Draw’ fee. We must do this to simply continue this service. 


  • COVID: During the past two years of COVID, every business, including healthcare, has experienced price increases in every area of their business. Health4life is and has been experiencing these price increases.

  • Supply Chain: Every step of the supply chain has experienced issues over the past two years. These issues have caused each business’ costs to inflate and for each business along the supply chain to stay in business, they must pass these costs on to their consumer. And they have been! This is nothing you do not know from your own experience.

    • H4L Lab Supplies: In the past, laboratories would provide clinics the supplies to draw labs; tubes, centrifuges, alcohol pads, tourniquets, etc. Over the past two years, we now must purchase these supplies and the costs are increasing exponentially. These supplies are also going to the hospitals first, so we must find other retailers for the same supplies. These new retailer's prices and shipping fees are much higher because they understand the demand of these products. And the time our staff spends on just purchasing supplies has quadrupled.

  • Employee Costs: Over the past few years, the salary of the phlebotomist has been paid by the lab companies. As the lab companies are the ones who profit when labs are sent to them. Now, the lab companies are no longer paying for phlebotomists in clinics in the same way. They now will pay the phlebotomists a ‘per draw’ rate. These rates are very low and differ between each lab company, so Health4life must now incur the cost of our phlebotomist to ensure they receive the compensation they are worth. 

    • Also, our H4L employees spend more time on preparing for lab draws then ever in the past. We work with insurance companies to identify which lab they prefer their members go to, we identify the codes that each insurance company prefers we use so the insurance company will pay for the lab and the requirements for how labs are drawn has changed over the past few years creating more ‘lab draw’ issues at the lab draw sites. This all takes much more time from our team. 

    • Our staff receives more complaints, questions and issues concerning 'lab bills' then any other service area. These issues take time for our team to assist patients in resolving as the SOURCE OF THESE ISSUES ARE WITH THE LAB COMPANIES DIRECTLY AND NOT HEALTH4LIFE. Regardless, we take our time to help our patients.


We have been ‘eating’ these increased costs for the past two years. In order to continue to provide this service, we must now collect these fees.

Starting in August 2022, we will be implementing these fees for ‘Lab Draws’ at both Health4life locations and if we travel to our patient’s homes/offices to draw labs.

If you are unable to pay these fees, you have other options:

  • Regular Labs: Patients can go directly to the Lab of your choice (Quest, LabCorp, CPL, etc.). They will also charge a fee for the lab draw. Patients will need to inquire about their fees directly with these lab companies.

  • Blood Dumps or Therapeutic Phlebotomy: Patients are able to receive this service at Vitalant, Vitalant can donate patients’ blood which allows them to provide this service at little or no cost to the patient.

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