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Kathryn Bonello, CEO


Kathryn Bonello
Chief Executive Officer

Kathryn Bonello is honored to serve as Chief Executive Officer of Health4life, bringing to the position, vast knowledge of the healthcare industry and a passion for the organization's mission. Health4life Concierge Medical Clinic was created is to provide patients the healthcare they deserve while receiving amazing customer service with each and every encounter. 

Kathryn has over twelve years of progressive experience in strategic business development  and entrepreneurship in the healthcare field. Most recently, Kathryn was the Senior Director of Business Development at Nathan Adelson Hospice (NAH). She guided NAH’s strategic growth through high-level vision, development of relevant strategies, provider contracting, acquisition negotiations, product line expansion, industry knowledge and developing and leading a team of business development representatives.

Kathryn has extensive business development experience in the healthcare field ranging from Covenant Hospital Administration/Operations, Hoag Hospital Strategic Development, Hoag Orthopedic Institute Administration/Development, Nathan Adelson Hospice Administration & Business Development, and Orthopedic Pharmaceutical Sales & Development.

Ms. Bonello joined Dr. Thomas Alfreda at Health4life to create their shared vision for Healthcare.  Healthcare should be accessible and proactive, not restricted and reactive. At Health4life, patients receive healthcare that is tailored to their needs anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365. Health4life Concierge Medicine focuses on optimizing each patient’s health so they can reach their individual health goals to feel and look their best!

Health4life is focused on optimizing patient’s health so they live the most fulfilling life they can. Whether that is overall general health care, specialized disease focused care, hormone balancing, weight loss, athlete optimization or increasing muscle mass through proper diet and exercise.

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