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Do you accept my Insurance?

YES! There are very few insurances that we are not in-network with. Call us to find out about your specific plan. 

And, if you don't have health insurance, no problem! We would love to provide you excellent healthcare at a rate that is affordable. 

Where are your Health4life locations?

Health4life Henderson

2779 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. Suite 207
Henderson, NV 89052.

Health4life Summerlin - Opening SOON!
8551 W Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 281
Las Vegas, NV 89128


Until our Summerlin office is complete, we will be operating 100% from our Henderson location!  

When do I have to decide if I want to Join?

April 1, 2018 is the day that Dr. Alfreda will no longer see patients at IMS. At that time, he will only be seeing his patients at Health4life located in Henderson & Summerlin. 

We highly recommend that if you intend on joining Health4life and continue seeing Dr. Thomas Alfreda, to sign up prior to April 1, 2018. We have limited availability and want to ensure we transition you and all your records over to Health4life prior to April 1, 2018!

Do I need Health Insurance to be a Health4life Member?

Nope! Give us a call so we can provide you more detailed 'cash' pay prices. 

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act has mandated that Americans purchase health insurance. Most Americans who can afford health insurance should have it by Jan. 1, 2017 or will need to pay a tax of $695 per adult or 2.5 percent of annual income (whichever is greater).

As a member, we can help guide you to Health Insurance resources where you can choose a plan that fits your needs and can save you money on your monthly premiums!

I am young and healthy; why would I need Concierge Services?

Because you value your time! Concierge medicine is extremely affordable and can save you money in the long run.

For example, a 35 year old woman has an HMO insurance plan with a $5000 annual deductible. She is looking for a PCP but hasn’t found one she really likes. With Health4life, she will receive access to an amazing doctor who will spend 30 minutes or more with her each visit and who she can access through our telemedicine app anytime and anywhere she needs to. She can get her labs and diagnostics testing done in our office at a discounted cash rate.

She needs an MRI and if she had her insurance PCP refer her to get this test, it would cost her thousands of dollars because insurance would not cover the cost until she met her $5K deductible. At Health4life, she could get an MRI for $400 the same or next day and send these receipts in to her insurance so these funds could go towards her deductible. She will pay a set fee for labs no matter if insurance covers them or not. And, all funds she pays to Health4life, she can deduct from her taxes at the end of the year and submit to her insurance to go towards her annual deductible. Overall, she gets concierge service while saving money.

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If I join Health4life, are there ways to reduce the amount of money I spend on my Health Insurance monthly Premiums?

Yes. We can provide you a list of various insurance carriers who offer patients a variety of monthly premiums specific to your needs. We have many patients who successfully utilized these resources to find the best plan for them while reducing their monthly premiums.

Areas that you can explore that could reduce your monthly insurance premium.

  • Increase your annual deductible – You will receive the highest level of healthcare at Health4life and will not have to worry about meeting your annual deductible to receive care.

  • Join an HMO or similar – As you now have access to your personal concierge doctor anytime, anywhere, you do not need to pay more to access a network of doctors that will increase your monthly premium.

[Every patient’s needs are different and these are simply suggestions.]

You can also speak to your insurance agent/broker and explain to them that you are paying for Concierge healthcare and want to reduce your monthly premium. You should look at how you have historically used your insurance in previous years and ensure your insurance will pay for these particular medical services (outside primary care).

What are the benefits to joining Health4life?

MANY BENEFITS that revolve around you, our patient, receiving the best quality healthcare with the highest level of customer service! 

  • Same or Next Day appointments with Dr. Alfreda

  • Never wait in the waiting room to see Dr. Alfreda at your scheduled appointment

  • Same day prescriptions and medication refills

  • 30 minute in-person appointments 

  • Access to Health4life team via text message, email, or phone

  • Hormone Balancing & Weight Loss Programs 

  • Health4life APP where you can securely text, file share and self-schedule Video Visit with Dr. Alfreda

  • Unlimited telemedicine access with Dr. Alfreda through Health4life APP

  • Complete coordination of care with referrals to specialists and diagnostics testing - We will even schedule your appointments for you

  • Health insurance navigation - we can provide various resources when it comes to choosing a cost effective health insurance plans

  • Member pricing on all compounded medications and other pharmaceutical medications

  • 10% off all Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

How much does the Health4life Membership Cost?

We have two programs = Presidential Plan & Proactive Plan

  1. Presidential Plan: $300 monthly, $3,600 annually 

  2. Proactive Plan: $200 monthly, $2,400 annually

Why do I have to pay a membership to join Health4life?

The healthcare industry is rapidly changing and in order for physicians to provide the level of care they feel their patients deserve and be able to cover costs associated with running a medical practice, more providers are looking at various business models to achieve these two goals. Insurance reimbursements alone, will not allow providers to achieve this. 

Concierge Medicine collects a monthly membership fee from patients and through this additional revenue source, providers are able to provide the highest quality care to their patients while sustaining their medical practice overhead. 

Will Dr. Alfreda see me in the Hospital if I must go?

The hospitals now employ full time 'hospitalists' that see all patients who are admitted to the hospital in-patient beds. However, Dr. Alfreda will continue to have hospital privileges at Summerlin & Valley Hospitals. This means that he will be able to consult with you assigned hospitalist and provide feedback to you, his patient! 

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