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Thomas A. Alfreda Jr., DO, MBA
Owner, Chief Medical Officer

  • ​Age Management & Internal Medicine Specialist

  • Medical Director of Nathan Adelson Hospice

  • Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at Touro University of Nevada

  • Las Vegas Outlaw Professional Arena Football Team Physician

  • Las Vegas Wranglers Professional Hockey Team Physician

Dr. Alfreda is an Internal Medicine & Age Management Specialist and Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder of Health4life. He founded Health4life Concierge Medical Clinic to offer his patients the care and attention they deserve.   


Thomas Alfreda, Jr., was born and raised in New Castle, Pennsylvania, the eldest of two sons in a middle-class family.


On Friday nights, the sociable and active teen liked to watch the TV medical drama, St. Elsewhere, with his mom. He found the rowdy and unorthodox character played by Howie Mandel fascinating, especially since "Dr. Wayne Fiscus" wore a baseball jersey to the hospital. That's when the young boy decided to pursue medicine after achieving his MBA.


Fast forward a number of years and now Thomas Alfreda, Jr.'s name is followed by the initials D. and O. for doctor! While Dr. Alfreda is not a TV character, he has the same charm as his inspirational Dr. Fiscus, and has been on television including being a guest on the national show, Dr. OZ.​

The basis of good health is the prevention of illness. That's why Dr. Alfreda takes the time necessary to ensure the first step to tip-top health starts through a comprehensive physical exam, appropriate bloodwork and diagnostic testing.​ From there, lifestyle counsel including mental health and physical fitness are ways to round out true wellness from a practical and proactive perspective. 

Dr. Alfreda has bridged the gap between conventional medicine and a science-based, proactive approach to decrease the risk of age-related disease and lengthen health span for men and women. 

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